Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh hello insomnia, nice to see that you're awake...

So since I'm currently battling against insomnia, I decided to post about something I just got myself into.
So I just made a quick list of resolutions, or rather things I would like to keep up with in 2013. First up, write R a letter at least once a week, along with a bible verse and one reason why I love him/why he's special to me.
First letter is all written and put into an envelope, addressed, and all it's missing is a stamp and to be sent in the mail! I'm so excited to get this going. I've always loved to write and I know how much R always says he loves my writing so I thought this would be a sweet thing to do. Being his last semester of college I'd like to document it for him in this small way, and not to be that weird, clingy girlfriend, but maybe one day we can show our kids the letters, and even better.... maybe he'll even write back I know, crazy.... anyways my fellow bloggers, I hope y'all have a lovely night, even thought it IS almost 3 a.m. (and I for some reason thought it was only 2..) Yay for 3 hours of sleep.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

School school school

So second semester of Sophomore year officially starts tomorrow, and although I'm looking forward to my new classes, I am also dreading it. I still haven't left Charleston and I do NOT want to drive all the way to Columbia tomorrow morning... Is it too early to start skipping classes? Kidding, but not really. Actually really really dreading it. But I will keep everyone updated. Probably from class since I doubt I will be paying attention tomorrow.. joy of life.

The Bible Out Loud

Just last week, I came across an extraordinary video that my fellow Gamecocks, and more specifically; University of South Carolina athletes made. The video was a sort of "advertisement" for an idea that made me so incredibly proud of my school and fellow students. The idea, called "The Bible Out Loud" is a way for us to learn, and read, verse by verse the entire bible. An individual posts a video of a verse not seen on their website, of them reciting 1 to 5 verses of the bible. This is such an amazing way to bring together students, fans, athletes, and just every one across the nation!

I suggest y'all check it out and maybe even upload your own video! So amazing, so uplifting and so rewarding.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

All in for Ali

Ali Rogers, Miss South Carolina, ADPi Zeta Nu has made it into the top twelve for the Miss America Pageant!!!

Let's make it to the top!


Miss America 2013

And the countdown begins! Only 27 minutes until I get to cheer on my beautiful ADPi sister in the Miss America Pageant on ABC! I am so proud that such a wonderful, classy and just beautiful girl is representing the state of South Carolina, and I can't wait to see how far she will go tonight!!

Good Luck Ali!

Fashion Friday: Mixing prints and fabrics

Ever since I was little, everything my mother put me in was "matchy matchy". My bows and headbands matched my dresses, and my shoes and any other accessory that I was adorning. But times have changed, and I am loving it.

I came across this simple, classy, yet fashionable picture that depicted staple items, but in different, quirky fabrics and prints.

Plain black jeans are always easy to dress with fun, quirky patterns and colors
1. Leopard flats 
2. Polka dot sweater
3. Herringbone vest (J. Crew)
4. Fun jewelry
5. Black Jeans

This combination can be fun, classy and easy to put together. So don't be afraid to mix prints and patterns. You can show your unique style and be quirky and fun all at the same time!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Essie, Pink Parka

The drab of the winter has always tempted me to choose just a drab nail colors; i.e. burgundy or navy, taupe or in that crazy year of 2009, black. But now, it's more refreshing than ever to see gorgeous shades of bright, sometimes even neon-y colors on someone's hand. The perfect partner to a gel manicure, I discovered in Target. A shade of bubbly, bright pink that is sure to add a pop of color, and fun to any outfit.

The color, Pink Parka, is my new favorite.

Go to your local Target, or Ulta and check it out!