Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh hello insomnia, nice to see that you're awake...

So since I'm currently battling against insomnia, I decided to post about something I just got myself into.
So I just made a quick list of resolutions, or rather things I would like to keep up with in 2013. First up, write R a letter at least once a week, along with a bible verse and one reason why I love him/why he's special to me.
First letter is all written and put into an envelope, addressed, and all it's missing is a stamp and to be sent in the mail! I'm so excited to get this going. I've always loved to write and I know how much R always says he loves my writing so I thought this would be a sweet thing to do. Being his last semester of college I'd like to document it for him in this small way, and not to be that weird, clingy girlfriend, but maybe one day we can show our kids the letters, and even better.... maybe he'll even write back I know, crazy.... anyways my fellow bloggers, I hope y'all have a lovely night, even thought it IS almost 3 a.m. (and I for some reason thought it was only 2..) Yay for 3 hours of sleep.


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